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    Question: I love my new Rival slow cooker, but I need recipe ideas. Is there a Rival slow cooker recipe book?
    Asked by: mgonzales
    • Answer: There are several books available for the rival slow cooker. Rival Crock Pot: 3 Books in 1: Slow Cooker Favorites/Winnin...
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    Question: My sister was telling me about how awesome stoves cookers are yesterday. What are stoves cookers and how do you use the...
    Asked by: landerson
    • Answer: This question makes no sense.
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    Question: A friend of mine lost a lot of weight using tesco diets? How do you use tesco diets and does it cost money?
    Asked by: lhickman32
    • Answer: When you sign up with Tesco diets, you get a personalized meal plan. It's about using real food to help you lose the wei...

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