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    Question: I want to make a chocolate gift basket for a friend. Can you give me some ideas for unique chocolate items to include o...
    Asked by: leslietaylor
    • Answer: One possible alternative chocolate item is handmade and hand poured candies. You could buy a mol, melt the chocolate, an...
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    Question: What are some creative ways to use Adagio Tea? I like that taste of this tea, and would like to use it in ways other tha...
    Asked by: Micheal Pierce4
    • Answer: Some creative ways to use Adagio tea would include mixed in with yogurt. It make make for a delicious blended drink.
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    Question: I keep hearing about people using tesco diets. What are tesco diets and how do they work?
    Asked by: K Schultz
    • Answer: Tesco diets are simpe diets where you just cut back on calories. It's a very healthy and all natural diet. I use it myse...

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