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    Question: I'm currently following a diabetic diet. I was wondering how much dairy I should be consuming each day?
    Asked by: Brianna X.
    • Answer: Milk is good for you even if your a diabetic. You should have at least 3 cups of milk a day.If milk is good for a baby i...
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    Question: I have been newly diagnosed with diabetes. I like to eat yummy food. Do they have many recipes on line that are good for...
    Asked by: Eric H.
    • Answer: Yummy diabetic recipes can be found online through numerous website. Many of them have a great selection of recipe that ...
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    Question: I am about to undergo a surgical procedure that will require at least two months for recovery, and my husband can't cook...
    Asked by: Jennifer X.
    • Answer: To help you along with your recovery I have found this website that offers home delivery meals for people in need or for...

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