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    Question: My kids like to bake and would like to watch some T.V. shows with the chefs cooking to learn from them.What baking progr...
    Asked by: jking
    • Answer: Activity TV offers cooking and baking programs for kids. If you have cable on demand service you can access a program th...
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    Question: I have a recipe that calls for kukui nut oil. I've never heard of it before. What are the benefits of this type of oil a...
    Asked by: gthornton
    • Answer: I have never heard of it either, I found this info.
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    Question: I would like to make a special dinner but I don't cook often. What are some easy to make foods that look special?
    Asked by: Ashley N.
    • Answer: Pasta is something very easy to cook but always presents well. Start buy putting a large pot of water on the stove to bo...

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