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    Question: I love oatmeal cookies and so do my kids. Where can I get a oatmeat cookie recies?
    Asked by: Dylan A.
    • Answer: You can visit for oatmeat cookie recipes. You can...
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    Question: I would like to purchase organic peanut butter . Where can I purchase organic peanut butter for sale online?
    Asked by: David U.
    • Answer: There are several sites online that sell organic peanut butter. is one of them, so is Smuckers. You should ch...
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    Question: I usually just buy trail mix in the stores but I have just decided that I would love to make my own. Does anyone know of...
    Asked by: Rebecca U.
    • Answer: Easy meal ideas can be found in a number of locations. Check your locale book store for recipe books and you can also f...

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